Shipstern Conservation and Management Area is a very unique protected area.  It is the only conserved area   that   protects the Yucatan Dry Forest – a type of forest not found in many places in the country and containing some plants founds nowhere else.   This PA is home to several hundred species of wildlife including all 5 cats and over 240 species of birds.  It is truly a birders paradise and the perfect place for the more adventurous visitor wanting to disconnect form the rest of the country – heck, from the rest of the world.

This very unique protected area is currently managed by the Corozal Sustainable Future Initiative (CSFI) which formerly known as Shipstern Nature Reserve Belize Ltd.  Not to worry, the organization was conceived exactly at the same time when the reserve was established.  Both CSFI and Shipstern Conservation and Management Area share the same history and exactly the same values.  CSFI, simply an improved version of the SNR, was created to reflect some of the new challenges recently undertaken by the organization and now serves as the new face for the conservation efforts within the PA’s that it manages.

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