Jay Talking

Great! If you’re reading this it means that I got your attention, now let’s try to keep it that way. I’m Jay, the little cartoon on the top left of your screen and I work for CSFI, but what’s more important is that I talk about the real issues that we face in conservation. What are the real issues? Poverty, corruption, education, justice and developing practical solutions that work, just to name a few.

The Real take on conservation

IMG_2032 In recent years the entire world has become more environmentally conscious and while we scramble to save the environment, there are many challenges that the average person is not aware of. Hopefully through our blog we can bring these challenges to light. The reality is that effective conservation is usually very complex and it takes patience and dedication to make significant progress.

Take Action

Be informed about the issues we face. Follow conservation blogs and facebook pages that talk about the real issues. Educate the younger generation and stand up for what’s right; stand up for what you believe in. Volunteer at a local institution or take environmental approaches to your job. Have some empathy; look beyond the obvious problems like deforestation and understand why these things happen. It is easy to get outraged by these problems especially if you’re an avid supporter for conservation but the more we understand, the more we can do. Lastly, follow our blog; we’ll try to be as honest and transparent as we possibly can, without getting into too much trouble.

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